Monday, 2 December 2013

Holy Shit Christmas is MENTAL!

With 2 christmas shows about to go up one after the other and preparation starting for the NYE Bengal Blind Tiger party at Colston Hall I'm designing with the lovely Harriet De Winton I've got just about as many balls in the air as I can possibly get. Still........ I'm loving it! Emma Williams director of Super Sam and Mega Max Saves Christmas is a total legend and amazing show maker, if you want to see a good show, I recommend you see one of Emma's. Also Fiona Mikel and the Wardrobe Ensemble for Eliza and the Wild Swans a dream to work with, it's amazing when you work with directors who give you the space to be a designer so thank you, I'm really excited about tech week.

So Super Sam and Mega Max is a complete celebration of all things New York, with inspiration mostly from comics and classic super hero stories, are a company of two theatrical break dancers and hip hop enthusiasts so couldn't help but take costume inspiration from one of my favourite photographers and his legendary pictures in Back in the Days, also pinching classic BBoy style from the Beastie Boys and throwing it in to our super hero mix.

Also working with Stuff Bloke who's designing our super hero t shirt logo, it doesn't get more exciting than this! A classic Stuff Bloke outline.......

This is an early years show, however my nephew Alfie (6) has readily taken up street dancing lessons and is teaching his younger sister Lacey (2) some serious moves so don't under estimate how cool the younger kids can actually be. Honestly I think they're gonna love this show. 
Get your tickets now, it's selling really well

Supers mood board and set design

Monday, 4 November 2013


Blast Off! A Tobacco Factory Theatre production with Kid Carpet and the Noisy Animals.

What a wonderful time I've been having the last 6 weeks. Working with Kid Carpet, Emma Williams director and Chris Collier technician and performer. Extremely exhausted as we had no SM or production manager but it was worth it. The show looks great and was a complete sell out in Bristol. It's off to the Lyric Hammersmith this weekend and continues it's UK tour until March 2014.

Get your tickets now, they're selling like hot cakes!!

Long overdue update....

Well it's been a very busy summer 2013 and it's looking like a busy winter too. At the beginning of August I designed Tom Morris's partially staged performance of Handel's Messiah and ended up having to grace the stage with my presence twice throughout the performance to paint Tristan Sturrock in front of a sold out audience at Bristol Old Vic. Very nerve wracking but I like to challenge myself so I did it. It went down ok and considering we had very little budget the show looked great. Working with Jack Offord again our favourite video artist meant that the show was even richer. 

More pictures to come in January when I completely overhaul my website. It's time to get creative!

Pigeon English went up, it also played at the Underbelly Bigbelly at Edinburgh Festival, it was a sell out show with 5 star reviews. Everybody loved it, every element came together for a knock out show. Everyone involved worked ultra hard on it, again blood, sweat and tears, with two members of cast in A&E on opening afternoon missing the dress, we just and just made it. As the show went on the performances got better and better with three members of the cast being picked up by agents in Edinburgh. Amazing music by Mr Woodnote, seriously fucking cool projection by Jack Offord and design by myself all being driven by director Miranda Cromwell. I think we made a pretty good team. Pigeon English hopefully to return summer 2014, watch this space!!

The set going in....

Photo: Paul Blakemore 

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Last Days Of Mankind

has finished. A huge thank you and hats off to the costume team at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School who were a dream to work with. Especially costume supervisors Millie Eden, Nicola Holter and Michael Paoli who were just brilliant thank you for that. It's a difficult balance being a perfectionist without driving your team in to the ground but you all managed amazingly well and I was really happy with the end results. Press shots coming soon on my website 

Year after year early summer through to August seems to be getting busier and busier. It's straight on to the next projects. Pigeon English final model presentation last Tuesday, rehearsals start next week, Dracula mood boards for presentation to the production team including costume supervisor Jane Tooze, who I am delighted to be working with finally. Heading to Waterloo tomorrow for Messiah rehearsal with Tom Morris and Southbank Sinfonia which is also really really exciting. Also 1 weeks R&D next week with Kid Carpet's new show Blast Off which I'm designing, it kicks off it's first tour this October and is going to be hilarious. 

Here's my mood boards for Dracula which is Bath Theatre Royal, The Egg's Storm on the Lawn:

Friday, 10 May 2013


Very excited, my new website has been launched. Yaaaay!

You can now see my portfolio online. Massive thank you to

At present, I'm beavering away in my studio in between costume fittings for The Last days of Mankind at Bristol old Vic, which is looking great! Here's a look at my mood board for Pigeon English. I had a meeting with Jack offord (video artist) last night to discuss the parameters and possibilities for the projection, it's all getting very exciting. 

Jack's on board for Pigeon English, check him out at
Hopefully we'll have the first draft of the script on 20th May, which is being written by award winning director and playwright Gbolahan Obisesan. With Mr Woodnote on the music, Miranda Cromwell directing, Ruby Spencer as assistant designer and an amazing cast I think it's fair to say Pigeon English is going to be a bubbling pot of creativity.

Friday, 12 April 2013


Finally, my website is well underway and will be launched in 3 weeks. Thank you

Here's a sneek peek at my costume drawings for THE LAST DAYS OF MANKIND
Directed by John Retallack and Toby Hulse, this is my half of the costume design. I'm co-designing with the design student that I'm teaching at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Rosanna Vize. Full drawings and photo's coming soon. Bristol Old Vic theatre 18-29 June.

Also coming soon:

PIGEON ENGLISH Bristol Old Vic 7-10 August, Underbelly Edinburgh Fringe 13-25 August

DRACULA an adaptation by Oliver Birch, directed by Amy Leach, Prior Park, Bath. 21-24 August

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

THE LIFE AFTER Bristol Old Vic Young Company

108 members of cast. £1,500 costume and props budget. How on earth did we do it? Huge thank you to Dan Ashworth, Rose Fyfe-Beedle, Zoe Brennan and Kate Rogers, you were all amazing!