Monday, 4 November 2013

Long overdue update....

Well it's been a very busy summer 2013 and it's looking like a busy winter too. At the beginning of August I designed Tom Morris's partially staged performance of Handel's Messiah and ended up having to grace the stage with my presence twice throughout the performance to paint Tristan Sturrock in front of a sold out audience at Bristol Old Vic. Very nerve wracking but I like to challenge myself so I did it. It went down ok and considering we had very little budget the show looked great. Working with Jack Offord again our favourite video artist meant that the show was even richer. 

More pictures to come in January when I completely overhaul my website. It's time to get creative!

Pigeon English went up, it also played at the Underbelly Bigbelly at Edinburgh Festival, it was a sell out show with 5 star reviews. Everybody loved it, every element came together for a knock out show. Everyone involved worked ultra hard on it, again blood, sweat and tears, with two members of cast in A&E on opening afternoon missing the dress, we just and just made it. As the show went on the performances got better and better with three members of the cast being picked up by agents in Edinburgh. Amazing music by Mr Woodnote, seriously fucking cool projection by Jack Offord and design by myself all being driven by director Miranda Cromwell. I think we made a pretty good team. Pigeon English hopefully to return summer 2014, watch this space!!

The set going in....

Photo: Paul Blakemore 

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