Monday, 2 December 2013

Holy Shit Christmas is MENTAL!

With 2 christmas shows about to go up one after the other and preparation starting for the NYE Bengal Blind Tiger party at Colston Hall I'm designing with the lovely Harriet De Winton I've got just about as many balls in the air as I can possibly get. Still........ I'm loving it! Emma Williams director of Super Sam and Mega Max Saves Christmas is a total legend and amazing show maker, if you want to see a good show, I recommend you see one of Emma's. Also Fiona Mikel and the Wardrobe Ensemble for Eliza and the Wild Swans a dream to work with, it's amazing when you work with directors who give you the space to be a designer so thank you, I'm really excited about tech week.

So Super Sam and Mega Max is a complete celebration of all things New York, with inspiration mostly from comics and classic super hero stories, are a company of two theatrical break dancers and hip hop enthusiasts so couldn't help but take costume inspiration from one of my favourite photographers and his legendary pictures in Back in the Days, also pinching classic BBoy style from the Beastie Boys and throwing it in to our super hero mix.

Also working with Stuff Bloke who's designing our super hero t shirt logo, it doesn't get more exciting than this! A classic Stuff Bloke outline.......

This is an early years show, however my nephew Alfie (6) has readily taken up street dancing lessons and is teaching his younger sister Lacey (2) some serious moves so don't under estimate how cool the younger kids can actually be. Honestly I think they're gonna love this show. 
Get your tickets now, it's selling really well

Supers mood board and set design

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